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Dr Shashikanth Raghuwanshi

M.B.B.S., M.S., FMIS

• Gynaecologist & Infertility Consultant • Laproscopy Surgeon

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Raghuwanshi Hospital and Research Centre, led by Dr. Shashikant Raghuwanshi, specializes in infertility, gynecological laparoscopy, and women's wellness. Known for its expertise in minimally invasive techniques, the hospital offers personalized care and comprehensive services, making it a trusted name in women's health and reproductive medicine.

About Infertility
& Gynaecological Laparoscopy

In this video, Dr. Raghuwanshi explains infertility and gynecological laparoscopy, exploring common myths and facts, the diagnostic process, and the treatment options available.

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Our Specialities

Symptoms & Possible Diagnosis


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Amenorrhea(No Menses)

Pregnancy - Hormonal imbalance - PCOD - Delayed puberty - Premature menopause - Perimenopause/ Menopause - Uterine Anomaly - Scarred endometrium - Ovarian cyst - Cervical stenosis - TB, cancer

Menorrhyea heavy flow

Hormonal imbalance - Polyp - Fribroid PCOD - Cerviciris / Endomeritis - Ovarian tumar - Thick endometrium cancer

White discharge p/v

Infections / sexually transmitted diseases - Polyps - Fibroid - Endometritis - Cervical erosion / Ectropion -Thick endometrium - Foreign body in vagina / uterine cavity Cancer cervix / vagina

Pain in lower abdomen / Pelvis ?

PID- pelvic inflammatory conditions - UTI - urinary tract infections - Endometriosis - Fibroid - PCOD - polycystic ovarian disease - Ovarian Cyst - hemorrhagic / torsion /Endometrioma - Ectopic pregnancy - Dilated tube - hydrosalpinx (torsion) - Abortion (early pregnancy) - Pelvic congestion syndrome - Premestrual symptoms - Appendicitis - Inflammatory bowel syndrome - Ureteric stone - Cystitis

What are the success rates of fertility treatments ?

Answer: Success rates of fertility treatments depend on several factors, including the age of the woman, the cause of infertility, and the specific treatment used. For example, the success rate of IVF for women under 35 is generally higher compared to older women. On average, the live birth rate per IVF cycle for women under 35 is about 40%. However, success rates can vary widely, and it's important to discuss individual chances of success with a fertility specialist.

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